Der Greif Guest-Room curated by Alessia Glaviano
(Photo Editor at Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue)
. January 2019

Unveil’d "City for the Blind". January 2019

Aint - Bad "City for the Blind". December 2018

Bird In Flight "City for the Blind". November 2018

Der Greif Guest-Room curated by Siobhán Bohnacker
(Senior Photo Editor at The New Yorker)
. May 2018

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin "City for the Blind". January 2018

FotoRoom "City for the Blind". December 2017

Ladygunn Magazine "Brooklyn Blues". December 2016

The Calvert Journal (London) "Baltics Beyond". August 2016

Paper Journal "Baltics Beyond". March 2016

Vice "The Last Days of Euromaidan in Pictures"
Originally published in German and in translations on Vice USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Brasil, Romania, Greece etc. August 2014